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"Dance Just Like Me" is the perfect app for the seasoned partner dancer looking for some good dance moves and stylings for West Coast Swing, Lindy Hop, Balboa, Carolina Shag, Salsa, Bachata, and Hip Hop - and for the new guy or gal on the block who has never danced a step in their life but would like to get out on the dance floor and shake their groove thing.


Join champion dancers and choreographers to learn the connection techniques, the body mechanics, and the spins and tricks for their favorite dances.


Not only is DJLM the first free app of its kind, but with over 200,000 downloads and available for both the Apple and Android market places, it's easy to see why its popularity has grown so much!


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Doug & Nicki Silton

Doug and Nicki, husband and wife and dance partners for life, are based out of Pasadena, CA. With their passion for dancing and teaching, and overall love of West Coast Swing, the Siltons can be seen social dancing, performing and competing all over the world. Watch their videos for awesome connection techniques, styling, and moves!

Mary Ann Nuñez

Mary Ann is one of the most revered West Coast Swing instructors in the world. After winning the first few US Open Swing Dance Championships and then owning the Champions Jack & Jill circuit for decades, Mary Ann has hung up her competition shoes to make more time for social dancing and full-time instruction.

Pete Green

Since Pete began dancing in 2001, he has been dancing and teaching non-stop. A champion dancer in both West Coast Swing and Lindy Hop, Pete places a strong emphasis on both the technique and the heart of the dance; Pete believes that dance should originate from within. Pete blends dancing with Alexander Technique and Body Release Imagery.

Joel Plys

Dancing since 1998, Joel is one of the most well traveled Lindy Hop and Balboa instructors in the world. To "preserve" a dance, you must understand the technique and characteristic fundamentals of that dance. For a dance to "evolve," you must be open to everyone adding creative elements to that dance. Joel encourages students to study and be open to differences so that they can make the dance their own.

Joshua Sturgeon & Lindsey Nastos

Joshua & Lindsey have taken the West Coast Swing  scene by storm. Lindsey has extensive training in ballet, jazz,, lyrical, hip hop, modern, contemporary, and more since age 6. Joshua comes from a country and ballroom background. Together they are the perfect combination of what's new in WCS, and what's "kinda retro-cool about swing."

Ian Kirckonnell

Ian Kirkconnell is a long-time Vancouver teacher qualified with the Imperial Society, and a former Arthur Murray judge and dance director. His style incorporates vast experience as an adjudicator, dance director, competitor and coach. Ian is constantly upgrading his skills as a coach and not resting on past laurels. Ian's students have a lot of fun and learn up-to-date, interesting social dance skills.

B-Boy Peru

Marco "B-Boy Peru" started his career in gymnastics at age 15 and started break dancing at age 18. He is known all over the world for his powerful break-dancing skills and his upbeat energy and friendly smile (smile not pictured).


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As a social dancer or competitor, there is so much to learn from our instructors at Dance Just Like Me! From West Coast Swing to Lindy Hop to Balboa to Solo Club Dancing to Break Dancing, DJLM has something for everyone.

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Learning on the go is awesome. In today's world, you can look at your phone at a social dance, learn a move, and then bust it out on the dance floor! Or watch instructional content at 30,000 feet up when the captain turns the seatbelt sign off, and boogie in the aisle!

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DJLM is available for the Apple and Android platforms. Any content that you download - free or paid content - is available offline and can be transfered to any of your mobile devices!


The best way to better your dancing is by improving your dance and partnering technique - and we have the instructors and the materials needed for you to advance your dancing.


Yes - we love focusing on technique. But sometimes, you just need some cool moves. And we have that! Check out our Beginning, Intermediate, and Advanced videos from a variety of instructors.


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